Enjoyable and Safe Travel in Times of CORONA

Help the tourism industry to overcome the corona crisis!


The corona pandemic impacts the tourism industry massively. Tourist activities like the years before will not be possible. New regulations regarding social distance/gatherings, hygiene and traveling have a decisive impact on tourism as we used to know it. Additionally, tourism service providers must tackle specific problems like financial and capacity bottlenecks. Guest workers are not available as before. In addition, the purchasing power of potential customers is decreasing due to the heavy impact of this pandemic on the economy.

Therefore, we, a group of Master Students from the University of Innsbruck are collaborating with HYVE Crowd and the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University Innsbruck .

We set up this online contest to first identify the new problems that tourism in Tyrol is facing. The second phase consists of gathering as many creative solutions as possible. The problems and solutions will be evaluated by professionals and experts to assess feasibility and potential. The best ideas will win rewards.

Your contribution can serve either companies, hotels or other providers of tourist attractions, as well as the government or even individuals.
We seek to connect the entrepreneurial spirits within the community to find innovative ways to ensure holidays in 2020.

Problem Phase (04.05. – 10.05.2020)

Your task is to identify problems that have arisen for the Tyrolean tourism sector under these new circumstances.
This problem phase should serve as a basis and inspiration for the following solution phase, but the submission of a problem is not a prerequisite for participation in phase 2.

Solution Phase (11.05. – 05.06.2020)

In this phase, contributions should offer possible solutions to the previously identified problem areas.
We want your ideas! How can we solve the current problems? What do you think are possible notions to increase value for tourists? How can tourism in times of COVID-19 stay profitable? Help the Region of Tyrol and all its involved actors of tourism to get back to the top!

For both phases, possible areas (but not limited to) where problems can occur are:
- Transportation (e.g. How should arrivals and departures look like to prevent the virus transmission?)
- Hospitality (e.g. How should services such as check-in, restaurants, concierge be designed to prevent the virus transmission?)
- Leisure Offering (e.g. How can holiday activities under the given circumstances look like?)
- Image (Tyrol as a supposed "hotspot" of the corona pandemic must overcome the difficulties and the image damage caused by the situation)
Please note, these categories should not limit your creativity and ideas.
Furthermore, the submission of the problems and solutions does not necessarily have to be limited to Tyrol, but can also refer to whole Austria.

Submission criteria

Your solution should provide us with as much information as possible and include your steps of implementation. It is essential that your solution can be implemented in the coming weeks or months! Your idea will be later evaluated by a jury on the topics of feasibility and benefits as well as the amount of resources and time required for implementation.

Only ideas (phase 2) are evaluated and can win prizes. The problems from phase 1 are not evaluated and are only meant as inspiration and clues.